Aging In Place

At West Hills, we promote our Aging in Place philosophy, a care concept that allows our residents the freedom to modify care options within a community as their health needs or life circumstances change.

West Hills Aging In Place

We offer our residents the flexibility of meeting their individual care requirements for a myriad circumstances:

If your individual health condition should change, additional services can be delivered directly to your apartment home as needed.

Although people age at different paces, at West Hills, couples can continue living together while our caring staff delivers the personalized services needed. Should a couple require different levels of care, they can still continue to live together without one spouse having to fill the role of caregiver. The overall result is that a couple can share quality time.

Because we offer unique levels of care, graduating to a different level is a smooth, comfortable transition. Our knowledgeable and caring staff will take care of all the details and help to make it an easier process for residents and their families.

WEST HILLS VILLAGE | 5711 SW Multnomah Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97219 | 503-245-7621

Located in the Portland Metropolitan Area in Multnomah County

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