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Sandra F.
Nielsen Family

West Hills Village Senior Residence,

My mother Phyllis has lived in your facility at West Hills in Portland for a year. We needed to move her to be near us in California. If it were not for the distance we have to travel to see her, I would never move her. Your assisted living is a beautiful building, the food is delicious and your staff is wonderful. Sean, Margaret, Kathy, Kelly, Joy, Mike, Sharon, Larry and others were always so friendly and kind to us when we had a lot to deal with. I just can’t say enough about how much we appreciated them.

Sincerely, Sandra F.

October 17, 2012

It is with great appreciation, I write this letter from our family, on the treatment and organization your staff has demonstrated to my parents. The move into West Hills Senior Living Community is the best thing we could have done for my parents, in the later stages of their life.

My dad had Hospice come in 5 months ago and my mother was the principal care giver. She broke her hip and we had to have an operation and rehab for her. This action, finally gave our family the chance to move them into a retirement home. I went to more than 20 facilities, trying to find the best environment and care for them. I have to admit, you were down the list only because of your initial costs. I almost passed you by, but when we found the 2 bedroom available, thank you to Marie, we jumped on it. My parents just celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary, and we wanted to get them back together, with my dad only having a short time left.

This experience of caring for our parents has left our family in pieces for the first time. We moved them into West Hills, where you and your team began to take over. I had a sleep over with my parents the first night we arrived. You were having a staff meeting the next morning, and I stood behind the corner and listened to your meeting. I walked away with a smile on my face, feeling very good about your direction on the care of the patients, and what you were asking of your staff. We went down to breakfast and a young man named Daniel, came to take my parents order. As I introduced my parents to Daniel, he paused and said, “are you the World War II fighter pilot?” My dad, was very surprised and said yes! I was so impressed that the staff would take the time to look over the information and make my parents feel welcome.

They have had to face many traumatic changes in a short time. Their independence has been stripped and now a new environment! Tanis and Carol have been my two “guardian angels”, heading a team of Hospice, Gentiva occupational and physical therapy and the Veterans for my dad and mom. Tanis told me about a Dr. Witt at Gabriel Park medical facility. They helped me get her as mom’s primary Doctor and she even makes house calls!

Your staff of support people and your little kitty, has made my parents feel as comfortable as they could with all the changes and having most of their independence stripped because of age and failing health.

You and your staff are the best thing that could ever have happened to our family, and I almost passed you by! Please, thank your staff from the Nielsen family. It is so gratifying for me to talk to my friends who have loved ones in facilities in Portland, and be able to tell them all you do. Most of them are very surprised and say their parents don’t get that kind of treatment.


– A Grateful Nielsen Family

“I am Bill, a 92 year old resident of West Hills Village. About nine months ago, I joined the FIT to be Strong exercise class. At the present time I am using six pound weights on both arms and legs when I exercise. I am doing very well with that amount of weight. I am still using my cane when I walk, but the exercise that I have completed has given me the added strength to walk with the upright stature of someone a lot younger. My sense of balance is also much better. Another plus, is my mental outlook. I don’t feel like the old man that started this course nine months ago.”

– Resident, West Hills Village Senior Residence, Portland, Ore.

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