Life Enrichment

West Hills Village provides a balance of life-enriching activities for all individuals. Activities provided encourage lifelong hobbies, as well as nurture each individual’s physical, intellectual, community, intergenerational, spiritual/emotional, and social needs.

Life Enrichment

Our Life Enrichment programs recognize the importance of social interaction and appreciate that new interests can still be developed, enjoyed, and appreciated.

Discover these programs developed by The Goodman Group.

The main pillar areas of Life Enrichment include:

  • Promoting Social Interaction
  • Engaging Physical Activities
  • Encouraging Lifelong Hobbies
  • Providing Intellectual & Educational Opportunities
  • Connection with Community Life
  • Nurturing Intergenerational Relationships
  • Supporting Spiritual & Emotional Serenity
  • Traditional and holistic forms of healing and services

FIT Functional Fitness®

Experience FIT Functional Fitness®, our personalized exercise program! The four FIT exercise programs, FIT to be Strong, FIT to be Strong Seated Exercise, FIT to Pedal, and FIT to Stretch were developed in partnership by board certified geriatric specialists in physical therapy. These interactive, supervised programs offer a new approach to group exercise in a fun and encouraging environment. The programs are led by trained staff that will help you develop core strength, balance, and assist you in increasing your endurance; fundamental building blocks to optimum living in each of our senior living and health communities!

Treasures of the Heart

Treasures of the Heart is a music program designed specifically for individuals who reside in memory care as well as in all health care communities within The Goodman Group. The purpose of Treasures of the Heart is to enrich the quality of life for residents, family and staff through multi-sensory involvement in appreciating music and its powerfully positive impact on social, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Valiant Veterans®

The Valiant Veterans® program is open to anyone who served in the U.S. military, their spouses and family members. The response to the program has been tremendous!

The Valiant Veterans® gives our Veterans a chance to talk with one another, share stories and commemorate unique times in American history. It is such an honor for us to host the program – it gives us at West Hills Village a chance to honor their service to our country. Our residents and guests are so proud of their service, and they share the most amazing stories of courage, valor and commitment.

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