Cost Analysis

Cost is an imperative consideration in weighing your senior living options. To simplify and condense the process, this worksheet will help you compare your current living expenses with the cost of living at our community.

You may be surprised to learn that many people pay more by paying for individual mortgages, utilities, services and amenities than moving to a community in which all expenses are included.

Download Cost Analysis Worksheet

Frequently asked questions
& tips for adult children

I feel my parents need to move, but they say they aren’t ready. What can I do to encourage this decision?

The decision to move to a senior living community is enormous, and for many it can be stressful and overwhelming. There are steps you can take to ensure your parents’ transition is smooth, comfortable, and seamless. To begin, many have an unrealistic stereotype of senior living communities – the old vision of a “nursing home” no longer exists.

Communities like West Hills Village Senior Residence are a place for people to thrive, grow, experience new adventures, make new friends, and more, while enjoying the privacy and comfort of their own apartment home. What you can do to help your parents – whether their move is in a month or longer – is to make a future plan.

In touring West Hills Village Senior Residence your goal isn’t to push them into a move; it is to help them make a future plan. You can encourage their decision by showing your support and being actively involved in the educational process. Tour communities with them, plan their furniture placement in the apartment, experience the dining program, and talk with residents and staff. Once your parents see West Hills Village Senior Residence is not a “nursing home,” they will feel much more at ease with this decision.

Each small step you take towards their future plan is a step in the right direction.

My Mom keeps saying, "I’m not ready yet." What can I do to help her feel ready to move?

This is a very common response when the subject of a senior living community is brought up. Many people feel this way.

However, the key is for your Mother to move when she is more independent and able to enjoy everything West Hills Village Senior Residence has to offer. Waiting too long to make this decision often means a decision is made in a crisis mode. We have found that seniors who make this choice earlier, get to do just that – make a choice about their senior community – rather than family making a snap decision in an emergency situation.

Finally, once the move has taken place, the majority of our residents are relieved and happy with their decision. Most say, “I wish I had moved sooner,” because they have more time for themselves, family, and less responsibility and stress without a house, yard, cooking, cleaning, or more.

What services do you have available to help my parent settle into their new life at West Hills?

We have a Director of Marketing on staff who helps each new resident and their family members get oriented to the community.  They also work with residents to answer their questions and help them get settled into their new environment.

What happens when my parents have different care needs?

West Hills Village Senior Residence has a residential care license, which allows us to a la carte health care services to our independent living residents. This program is wonderful for individuals who have some health care needs, including medication assistance, bathing assistance, companionship, and more, but who aren’t ready for a traditional assisted living community.

This fiscally responsible approach lets residents pay for health care services they need when they need them. Beyond the expanded services available in independent living, we also provide memory care in our community.

My Dad has long term care insurance. Does it work at West Hills?

West Hills Village Senior Residence is compatible with most long term care insurance policies, even in Independent Living, since it is licensed resident care. Your father may draw his benefits when he meets the activity of daily living requirements established in his policy.

Our executive director is an expert on long term care insurance and would be more than happy to review the policy with you.

When is your staff available?

Our staff is available to everyone 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer emergency pendants and pull cords in the apartments. For example, in the event of an emergency in Independent Living, someone trained to assess and handle the situation responds to the call for help, not a security guard or front desk staff.

Additionally, we have a nurse on call or on staff 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our nurses work with all our residents and their families, including those in independent living, offering our families peace of mind.

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