Financing Your Lifestyle

When an individual or family makes the decision to move themselves or their loved one to a senior living community, the question of funding the lifestyle often arises. However, before doing anything, it is best to understand what the real financial implications of your decision will be.

Financing Your Lifetsyle

There are numerous ways to finance your move, from using personal funds to government benefits or private sources.

Personal Funding Sources:

  • Your regular income from retirement plans, pensions, annuities and Social Security
  • The equity in your current home or other owned real estate
  • Sale of stocks or bonds
  • Conversion of mature Certificates of Deposit
  • Assistance from your family
  • Outside Financial Sources
  • Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Benefit
  • Life Settlement from the sale of an insurance policy
  • Converting a life insurance plan to cash
  • Elderlife Financial Services

These are all personal decisions and only you can decide which choices are right for you. However, the professional sales staff at our community is happy to answer any questions you may have or to help you find the proper person or agency to assist.

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